I am creatively inspired by the people around me.


your photographer & experience

My name is Chany, the photographer behind Chany Kohn Photography. I am a lover of people and emotion. I believe laughter is the best medicine. I love being around kids and hearing their fun stories- I’ve taught Kindergarten for a few years, so that tells you something;) I have two kiddos of my own that keep me in my toes and in constant wonder of the beauty and miracles of these little human beings…

Having been in photography for almost a decade now, I am only getting more passionate about it as my children are growing up. I get a bit sad and emotional seeing  how big my kids are but one thing I know I have is, my photographs. Instantly memories flood back in. It’s truly amazing what a simple photograph can do. Especially when it’s in print. 

I believe in providing a comfortable experience not just for Mom and Dad but also the kids. Pictures should be full of laughter and fun, so to capture that I like to let kids be in situations they feel most comfortable in. I’ve been blessed with a nature that attracts even the most stubborn 3 year old… As much as I like structure sometimes going with the flow just works better for some sessions. Flexible is my middle name;) Ultimately I’m looking to have a good time with your family not create any more stress on your to do list. With that being said, I look forward to getting to work on photographing your memories!


Just a few of my

favorite things

coffee. laughter. front porch sitting. ice cream. meditation.

spending time with my schoolfriends. chocolate chip cookies.

milkshakes. meeting strangers. sunsets. swimming.

playing legos with my son;) coloring books…

Chany you did a phenomenal job! So much patience to the kids, so much creativity, such a fun shoot!!! Recommend Chany 10-10 for any pics needed, especially if you want a fun family shoot!!!!

pessy grausz